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Electronic Repair Rates:

         Hourly Bench Fee:  $80.00/hr

Applies to all electronic equipment including digital pianos and synths. 1/2hour minimum.

         Estimate Fee:  $40.00

All units checked in for repair are subject to an estimate fee. The estimate fee is waived if the estimate is approved.

         Rush Service Fee:  $30.00 

Rush repairs get on the bench for diagnosis within 2 business days. Completion time of rush repairs will depend on parts availability. Rush repair fee is in addition to total repair cost.

         On-Site Repair Service:  $80.00/hr

We offer in-home repair of digital pianos. 2 hour minimum including round trip travel time.


Guitar Repair Rates:

         Electric guitar or bass setup:  

Hard tail or standard tremolo  $45.00

Floyd Rose or floating tremolo  $55.00

         Acoustic guitar or bass setup:

Acoustic, no pickup  $45.00

Acoustic with pickup  $55.00


Fret end dress  $30.00

Fret level/crown/polish  $70.00

(add $15.00 for maple fretboard)

         Electronic repairs:

Replace pickup, jack, or pot  $25.00

Rewire pickguard  $50.00

Rewire hollowbody guitar  $70.00

         All other repairs call for quote

Other Services:

         Pickup and Delivery Fee:  $15.00

We offer cost effective local pickup and delivery service. Our fee includes both the pickup and delivery of the unit. This usually works out cheaper than shipping by courier and eliminates chance of freight damage. Local pickup is within 100KM radius, further distances call for quote.

         Speaker reconing:  $call

Rates and services effective May 1 2011, subject to change.