Anodyne Audio Service

Pro Audio Repair Specialists


Electronic Repair Rates:

·         Hourly Bench Fee:  $85.00/hr

Applies to all electronic equipment, billed in 1/4hr increments after the first 1/2hr .

·         Estimate Fee:  $50.00

All units checked in for repair are subject to an estimate fee to cover diagnostic bench time costs. The estimate fee is applied to the first hour or repair labour if the estimate is approved.

·         Rush Service Fee:  $40.00  

Rush repairs get on the bench for diagnosis within 2 business days. Completion time of rush repairs will depend on parts availability. Rush repair fee is in addition to total repair cost.

·         On-Site Repair Service:  $90.00/hr

We offer in-home repair of digital pianos and organs. 2 hour minimum including round trip travel time.

Rates and services effective Jan1 2018, subject to change.